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With holdings in specialists and regional experts, PAWLIK is systematically expanding its range of services.


The PAWLIK Group comprises the consulting company PAWLIK Consultants and its national and international shareholdings and ventures. The group offers personnel and organizational development, HR consulting, digital consulting and combines this with methodological expertise in diagnostics and potential analysis. PAWLIK is constantly expanding its service portfolio for digital transformation through product and solution providers of e-learning, e-recruiting and e-applications. The PAWLIK Group companies operate as independent companies in their respective submarkets. They form interdisciplinary teams together.

Local experts and international industry experts work together in a coordinated manner within the group of companies to successfully achieve the desired results for our clients.

The company was founded in 1996 by Joachim Pawlik in Hamburg. More than 500 experienced consultants and employees at 15 international locations help customers worldwide face their challenges.

International Subsidiaries


Founded in 2008 in Shanghai, PAWLIK Asia supports clients with leadership consulting throughout China. The team of 50 employees operates from offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Ningbo. PAWLIK Asia specializes in leadership consulting, recruiting, assessment, personnel and organizational development. Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from PAWLIK's in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture, labor market and locally available technologies. As part of the PAWLIK Group, PAWLIK Asia uses the tools developed by PAWLIK for personnel diagnostics and development. 

PAWLIK Netherlands

Our branch in Amsterdam offers the PAWLIK services in the Dutch market and specializes in personnel and organizational development in the field of digital transformation.


ICM Associates, founded in 1983, specializes in supporting its clients in cultural transformation. The background for this can be a new strategic orientation, but also an organizational change or a post-merger integration requirement. In addition, they are experts in intercultural contexts, i.e., in the implementation of global projects in the individual local characteristics. ICM has developed its own approaches and methods in these fields of activity and has extensive, long-term project experience.



scan.up is a diagnostics company. The company supports organizations with both digital and analog products to identify individual strengths, potential, and areas for development of candidates and employees. The method is based on more than 25 years of research by the renowned motivation researcher Prof. Julius Kuhl. scan captures a person’s personality more comprehensively than any other potential analysis, with an evaluation of up to 120 characteristics which have a significant impact on occupational success, teamwork, and personality development. This multidimensional study not only shows how someone behaves, but also why he behaves in that way. By understanding individual motivations and potential, companies can develop better ways of leading and developing specific employees, while personnel decisions are objectified.


PINKTUM - since February 2022 under the new brand PINKTUM - is one of the leading German e-learning providers, and has picked up a whole series of international awards for their innovative learning methods. They focus on didactically high-quality courses consisting of 2-10 minute training videos and interactive training elements to motivate further training. Realistic work scenarios give added relevance to assessments by experts and to the related training material. Content ranges from agility, leadership, communication, and soft skills, to sales, health, and much more. In total, the e-library includes more than 300 video-based, interactive and multilingual e-trainings. Each micro element can be accessed individually and repeated in small time units whenever the daily routine allows a course unit to be covered. The modules can be integrated into existing learning platforms, and combined with face-to-face formats.


Compenyon offers microlearnings in the form of short and compact videos for personal development. Important learning content is condensed and embedded in good stories. This results in microlearnings of unique quality that always offer links to the learners' working environment. In six categories, they can refresh their knowledge on all digital devices. With Compenyon, companies innovatively support their employees' learning strategies as part of an integrated learning architecture. The Compenyon app thus extends the learning journey: what has been learned can be called up in concrete situations and successfully applied in everyday work.

Perim Digital

PERIM Digital, expert at future-oriented recruiting and qualification processes, helps companies find and win over qualified, talented candidates. PERIM Digital manages candidate experiences well before the application process and up to personnel development within the company. Using the Online Recruiting Check (ORC), the TAL software and the Recruiting Chatbot, PERIM Digital has a unique overall concept of innovative technologies and modern software solutions, with the focus always being on people.

digital two

digital two makes artificial intelligence (AI) usable for companies of all sizes. The central product of the joint venture of two digital entrepreneurs founded in 2017 are chatbots. They automate customer communication and provide users with individualised suggestions and answers in their own language in text or voice messages 24/7. The main fields of application are e-commerce, recruiting and service. Companies benefit from satisfied customers or dedicated applicants and decreasing bounce rates at significantly reduced costs. As a result, sales, leads and applicant numbers increase. digital two enables the connection to shop systems, payment via dialog boxes and a simple human take-over.


Software is always involved when it comes to finding new customers, simplifying and automating procedures, or developing new areas of your business. WOGRA creates innovative, customer-specific solutions and adapts existing programs to meet new requirements. Key features include user-friendliness, low maintenance costs, and system future-proofing. WOGRA develops web and mobile applications, in addition to AI-based software. Thanks to their many years of experience, the team can easily assess the technical feasibility of complex projects, and reliably implement them. Agile development methods are used by WOGRA to quickly translate ideas into marketable products.


PAWLIK Play offers digital learning content in a playful setting. "Serious games" teach competencies by simulating different leadership challenges in conjunction with more conventional learning methods. It represents an additional building block in PAWLIK group’s product range for learning, supplementing face-to-face and virtual learning content and microlearning. The technical implementation is done by our strategic partners at Actee (see below).

Strategic Partnerships

August Leadership

August Leadership specializes in recruiting global top talent for C-Suite and senior leadership positions, particularly in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Headquartered in New York City, August Leadership has offices in over 19 locations around the world with a global team of around 50 senior consultants. They focus on building relationships with clients and candidates, boldly doing things differently and actively pursuing issues like diversity and corporate social responsibility.

One component of our strategic partnership is the cooperation in filling international C-level positions. For this purpose, our Managing Director Arne Adrian and our consultants Claudia Seidner and Karsten Matthes became partners of August Leadership in March 2021. In addition, there is a close collaboration with PAWLIK’s diagnostics venture scan.up AG.


Actee is a leading global digital learning concept and gamification platform from Roskilde, Denmark. The multilingual software supports partners in realizing their own game concepts. Our venture PAWLIK Play works closely with Actee to develop new games that make learning a tangible experience.

Bond Brand Loyalty

Bond generates growth for clients by creating enduring relationships between people and brands based on intelligent connections and engaging experiences. Bond supports business leaders globally in customer and employee experience, marketing, loyalty, and talent development to focus on prioritizing customers, partners and employees at the center of their business. Headquartered in Toronto, Bond is management-owned with more than 800 people and offices in North America and Europe. After the acquisition of Buljan&Partners by Bond, Silvana Buljan leads the EMEA region as Executive Director.

PERFACT Consulting

PERFACT optimizes their clients' economic results by enhancing sustainability strategies, people development, leadership and sales performance.

Known for their people expertise and business acumen, they are certified eco-social business specialists who deliver FACTs - measurable impact.

In particular, their clients are owner-managed, mid-sized companies that like to seize opportunities, evolve, and be productive and successful while avoiding inefficiencies and transformation risks.


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