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We’ll find the right executives for you and your challenges. How? With over 20 years of experience, a strong network and a focus on skills that are critical to success.

Reasons to
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Executive Search

What is it about that one executive who gives their company a real edge and leads it successfully into the future? From over 20 years of experience in our Executive Search, we know that peak performance depends on a combination of professional and personal factors, which need to be considered differently for each sector and each company. An excellent understanding of the challenge and a trusting relationship with international top managers are what make us stand out.

Specifying a precise job profile

Before we begin searching for candidates, we’ll work with you to define the skills that are critical to success and relevant to the future in the position that is to be filled. That includes technical abilities just as much as soft skills. We take our time over this important step and hold a preliminary workshop with the decision-makers and stakeholders involved.

Using first-rate networks

PAWLIK Recruiters has built up an international, cross-industry network over more than 20 years. Personnel development at PAWLIK allows our consultants to follow the careers of many executives within a close, trusting relationship.


An efficient, discreet search

We supplement our search for candidates within our network with cutting-edge online recruiting technologies. Personal connections and efficient methods are not a contradiction.

Scientific and transparent

We can predict how successfully candidates will perform their tasks at your company. Our scientific analysis of potential reveals how well they will fulfill your job profile.

Guaranteed confidentiality

We always approach potential candidates in confidence. Discretion and tact are also a question of experience.

People make companies successful

How we work

We draw up a holistic job profile for the vacancy together with our client. This is backed up by forward-looking skills models from our industry-specific experience. Only executives who have the specific technical skills that are relevant to your company and who will fit into your culture will be added to our portfolio of candidates.

Our experience has shown that résumés, references and interviews do not reflect all the factors that are critical to success. Our clients gain more transparency from our Assessment Centers for executives and from analyses of potential, which many use to back up their decision.


Our expertise

PAWLIK Recruiters specializes in filling top-level and middle management positions. Our network is particularly strong among mid- to upmarket SMEs that operate internationally. We have also built up an excellent reputation for executives with digital skills.



C-level, management and expert functions:

+ Sales
+ Marketing
+ Digital/E-Commerce
+ Finance
+ HR
+ Business Development
+ TechSpecialists
+ Consulting


+ Professional Services
+ Life Science (MedTec&Pharma)
+ Retail / E-Commerce
+ Industry / Production / Commodity
+ Real Estate / Construction Industry
+ Telecommunications/IT
+ Logistics + Mobility
+ Public Sector
+ Mining Technology

Experience, Expertise, and System

Andreas Wehlitz

Business graduate Andreas Wehlitz joined PAWLIK Consultants in 2004. He specialized in filling sales and management positions. He spent a few years at Kienbaum refining his expertise in the filling of top executive positions in an international context, before returning to PAWLIK in 2017. Along with his expertise in Executive Search, Andreas Wehlitz is a top advisor in the development of in-house recruiting, active sourcing and digital HR solutions.

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“Consistency is our central aim when filling key positions. The candidate, the position and the corporate culture have to be a good fit. Understanding and trust, our excellent rapport with decision-makers and top managers from the analog and the digital world, our feel for the right personality with the right skills, underpinned by sound diagnostic tools – that’s how we interpret a modern Executive Search.”


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For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

Each year, we invest five percent of our revenue to learn about learning. We are happy for our clients, partners, and other interested persons to share in our findings.

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