How do your candidates behave at critical moments? In our Assessment Centers, we simulate the work situations that are critical to your company’s success.

Reasons for

In practice, what matters is not what an employee has learned, but whether and how they apply it. When it comes to the decision on who the best person is to fill a vacant post, there is therefore a limit on the information that the interview can provide. In our Assessment Center, we observe how candidates behave in different situations that are critical to success and can thus deliver a nuanced picture of their skills and areas for development.
In addition, participants undergo a personality analysis at PAWLIK, which reveals their potential. Because what someone has not yet demonstrated in the Assessment Center may still be developed under the right circumstances.



Individual skills profiles

We determine the status quo for participants, measured against the requirements for the specific position.

Reports and development recommendations

Based on the results from the Assessment Center, we draw up concrete recommendations for personnel development, leadership of employees and team development. The report shows how you can provide adequate support for employees “on the job”.

A basis for personnel decisions

You will find out who is best suited to the vacant position and will receive a ranking of the candidates.

People make companies successful.

How We Work

We will simulate future work situations and present participants with tasks that we have identified as critical to the success of the position concerned. This individual concept of the Assessment Center is one of PAWLIK Recruiters’ strengths.
Candidates will be observed dealing with various challenges and will be assessed, so that ultimately a differentiated skills profile can be drawn up.



How good are they at prioritizing when they’re under pressure? How do they deal with clients or employees when we bring about a conflict situation during a role play? Both internal and external observers will build up a picture of their behavior. Those taking part from within the company will be trained by us in advance. At the end of the Assessment Center day, we combine the assessments to reach a conclusion, and can hold an optional detailed feedback discussion with the candidates.

Our expertise

We adapt our packages of solutions to your individual requirements. Whether it’s an individual, group or orientation assessment, we’ll find the right personality for your vacancy. In addition, our assessments help graduates to make decisions about their future careers.


Individual Assessment Center

Individual assessments are always recommended when it comes to filling key positions. That applies both to recruitment of external candidates and to internal personnel development.
What is important is that we do not just assess a person’s behavior, but also map it to their potential. Before the actual Assessment Center, we therefore carry out an online scan. This science-based method helps us to assess personalities reliably.

Group Assessment Center

When you have several candidates, group assessments help you to find the one who will do the best job in practice at your company. All participants firstly undergo our online analysis of potential, in which we compare their personalities with the job profile and the corporate culture.
In the actual Assessment Center, we incorporate skills exercises and elements of group dynamics that are specifically tailored to your company. There is an option to extend the Assessment Center assessments to include outdoor exercises and tests.

Orientation Assessment Center

After completing their education, many talented graduates do not know which path they want to choose. This is a far-reaching decision that should be made consciously. Our Orientation Assessment Center helps to align study and career choices with personality structure and individual skills. Participants undergo an analysis of potential and ability tests, the results of which lead to concrete recommendations in the orientation interview.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Lea Zimmermann

Lea Sophie Zimmermann graduated in psychology from the University of Hamburg. During a research residency in the U.S., she was responsible for conducting a research project at Vanderbilt University as project manager.

Her interest in occupational and organizational psychology led her to personnel consulting. Since early 2018, Lea Sophie Zimmermann has been part of the PAWLIK team. She focuses on Executive and Direct Search and is our Assessment Center specialist.


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“The quality of an Assessment Center hinges on an understanding of the specific requirements of the vacant position. We take time for individual tailoring.”


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