Career Strategy


Developing and making maximum use of one’s own potential is the basis for a successful career and happiness. We’ll support you on this journey.


Reasons for
Career Strategy

We help our candidates to plan their careers. To do this, we analyze their individual motives, assess their potential and draw up their personal career path together. With over two decades of experience in personnel diagnostics and personnel development, PAWLIK offers the necessary services from a single source. Our integrated approach enables us to prepare people for their next career moves in a targeted way and to place them in the right positions.


Recognizing potential

Our scientifically developed personnel diagnostics system assesses what motivates people, where they get their strength from and where their hidden potential lies. This doesn’t just make new development possibilities visible. We also tell you where and how you can best develop your potential.

Creating the ideal profile

Based on their career goals, we draw up an ideal profile for the respective candidate. That allows you to see where you are already in a strong position and which skills you should acquire or develop.

Developing people

You can achieve your ideal profile by gradually expanding your soft and hard skills. We’ll support you with planning and with appropriate learning methods – from training to e-learning and executive coaching.


People make companies successful.

How We Work

With Career Strategy, we undertake to guide you to long-term success in your career. We look at each of your career moves in an individual context.

We support you on your career path, so that in the long term you will develop in the direction in which you can make the best use of your potential. This is the foundation for successful careers and satisfaction.

Our expertise

PAWLIK Recruiters specializes in filling top-level and middle management positions. Our network is particularly strong among mid- to upmarket SMEs that operate internationally. We have also built up an excellent reputation for executives with digital skills.


C-level, management and expert functions:
+ Sales
+ Marketing
+ Digital/E-Commerce
+ Finance
+ HR
+ Business Development


+ Professional Services
+ Pharma / Healthcare / Life Science
+ Real Estate
+ Retail
+ Telekommunikation/IT
+ Logistik

Experience, Expertise, and System

Arne Adrian

If you want to plan your career over the long term, you’ll need a partner with experience and vision. Arne Adrian has been supporting people in their careers for over two decades. PAWLIK Recruiters has filled thousands of vacancies under his leadership. His expert eye for industry developments led him to the BDU [Federal Association of German Management Consultants], where he is in charge of the professional association of personnel consulting.

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“We see ourselves as a partner to personalities in challenging management positions. We’ll help you to advance your development and to shape your career consciously and on a lasting basis.”


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Some Information for You

For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

Each year, we invest five percent of our revenue to learn about learning. We are happy for our clients, partners, and other interested persons to share in our findings.

We would therefore like to ask for your consent to us contacting you with up-to-date information about our services and specialties.