Imagine if you could predict which of your young professionals had what it takes to be a top manager. Or if you could get a reliable estimate of an applicant’s chances of success before hiring them. Our personnel diagnostics makes these things possible.

Reasons for
Personnel Diagnostics

Our diagnostic tools offer more than conventional analyses of potential. Based on research by one of the world’s leading personality researchers, Professor Julius Kuhl, we are able to assess and distinguish over 120 personality traits. That allows us to provide you with a detailed picture of the skills and development potential of your employees and applicants. Forward-looking decisions can be backed up by science.

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Recruiting the right candidates

Gut instinct is an important factor in personnel decisions, but it can be deceptive and, like certificates or references, it can disregard relevant issues. If a promising candidate turns out not to be suitable after they are hired, it is expensive and awkward for both sides to rectify this situation. Our diagnostic tools provide a sound basis for your personnel decisions. They are often also used in addition to the Assessment Centers.

Targeted further development of employees

Personnel development services are a dime a dozen. But how do HR managers, trainers and coaches know exactly what development needs a person actually has? The ‘scan’ potential analysis reveals strengths, areas for development and potential and shows what really motivates employees.

A sound basis for deciding on promotions

When an executive leaves a company, potential successors within the team are usually already waiting in the wings. But who is the right person for the next career move? Is there actually anyone? It is possible to avoid making a good skilled employee into a bad executive.

We help people grow so that they can change the world.

How We Work

With our ‘scan’ analyses of potential, we look at the skills a person has that are relevant to success, their conscious motives and even their unconscious drives, depending on the scope and objectives. As we go deeper into the analysis, we don’t just map the status quo of how a person behaves and what they can achieve. We can also infer how they will develop and how they can be developed under certain conditions.

Participants fill in an online questionnaire. Based on the results, our diagnostic psychologists will compile written reports with clear recommendations on suitability and further development. We will also be happy to explain the analysis to you and your candidate in a reflexive discussion in person.


Our expertise

Our consultants will put together a suitable program with you from our range of services. The analysis of potential using the method developed by Professor Julius Kuhl almost always forms the core of this. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are authorized to apply this scientifically refined method.

scan – testing skills

If you want quick, reliable information about the skills that an employee or applicant has in their area of responsibility, the 30-minute scan is just what you need. We have developed specific skills analyses, particularly for agile management, agile working, management and sales. – recognizing talent

This inexpensive analysis of performance and potential is frequently used to provide sound support for talent in companies or to fill positions with high numbers of applicants.  Along with the relevant skills, we assess conscious and unconscious motives. That means we don’t just map the current skills situation, but also recognize a person’s development potential.

scan.advanced – developing employees

scan.advanced is the optimum basis for personnel development concepts and selection of candidates. What exactly motivates your employees or applicants? How will they develop in future? The scan.advanced analysis of potential answers these questions. It assesses the various facets of a personality and traces unconscious sources of motivation. This individual analysis is possible because our specially trained, scan-licensed consultants evaluate the results manually and draw up a detailed personality profile.

scan.premium – coaching decision-makers

scan.premium helps you to reflect on and realize your fundamental desires and goals. Our scan diagnosticians will conduct an in-depth analysis: What drives you deep down? What behavioral preferences do you have? How do you deal with stress and what concrete measures can you take to ensure optimum development of your potential? We will describe your personality and give you concrete suggestions for action based on your individual strengths and areas for development. scan.premium is aimed primarily at executives, managing directors and decision-makers and provides an optimum basis for a holistic coaching process.

Team analysis

Sometimes the focus is not just on a single employee, but on a whole team. How does it work? Where does cooperation break down? How can the group improve and develop together? Our team analysis provides information on what can be done to make the team more successful.


Company-specific benchmarks and analysis of potential

Every company has its own goals, processes and success factors. We develop company-specific benchmarks that let you measure the potential of your workforce based on your own standards, using the best in your organization as a guide. We analyze their skill levels and derive the benchmark for comparison from this. From now on, you will be able to measure all employees against your benchmark.


Experience, Expertise, and System

Melina Frankenstein

Melina Frankenstein completed a bachelor’s degree in business psychology with a focus on occupational and organizational psychology, followed by a Master of Science in management and corporate management with a focus on human resource management. Part of PAWLIK since 2019, the Junior Consultant is responsible for filling specialist and management positions in Executive Search and, as a licensed scan consultant, she is experienced in personnel diagnostics.

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“As a business psychologist, I appreciate PAWLIK’s use of valid analysis methods that are psychologically very in-depth. That allows us to fill positions on a longer-lasting basis.”


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For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

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